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Submitted on
August 12, 2013


3 (who?)
Update: I'm waiting on some replies and then when I do find out exactly how much some of the stuff I've ordered will cost, I might open this again.

I checked my card and I had some money left so I bought 800 :points:. Does anyone have point commissions open? Also if you don't have them open, you can suggest someone who you know is reliable to me as well :). I might not be able to buy more for a while so don't expect me to be able to commission anyone again for a couple of months unless I open commissions myself ^^

The only thing I ask is that you be able to do one of these: humans, kemonomimi, boys, and girls.

Things I'm specifically NOT interested in: anthro, literature, icons, realism (unless it is :iconxylerz: I loved that request you kindly did for me a while back) and crafts. If I think of more I will update.

Comment below or you can note me if you prefer that :)

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riku4 Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I see that you do adoptables too. I plan on ordering a chibi from you, however I wanted to ask if you would be willing to do a custom outfit for the character as well? I know it's not listed on your commission information, but I saw that you do adoptables as well and I would pay extra for it. ^^
Course Id love to do a custom outfit ;u; I love designing so it'd be lovely! 
nami-hyuga Aug 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i'm open for digital commisions in about a month when i can get my new laptop in, but, I can do traditional media too. actually my traditional media is a reduced cost too..
Puella-Magi-Kyoko Aug 12, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm open to commissions currently, the info and prices are on my page( but the examples are outdated ),I'm thinking of raising my prices in a few weeks and updating my examples, just note me if you are interested:3
magicwingsforever Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I have point commissions from 10-500 :points:! :iconsmilieplz:
/ - Pokemon/animals-300 :points:
- Fullbody-500 :points:
- Waistup-250 :points:
- Face-150 :points:
<da:thumb id="353615405"> - Chibi-50 :points:
:iconchild-of-minerva::iconmagicwingsforever: - Icon-50:points:
Amuchia Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist has great pixel art that goes from 100 to 700 :points: >w<
Worth every point~
xPixelAngelx Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconcryforeverplz: I dont like self-advertising but,
I have it open with comission info on my profile if you are interested. :iconblushplz:

sonny-chi Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I feel reallu weird advertising myself :iconmassiveblushplz: but I have icon comms open and am willing to do pixel dolls. Oh also :iconpapercharm: is an incredible new artist ahe does pixel digital and def check her out if ur interested!!!!
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